Review of hotels and motels for sale.

When buying a hotel or motel, it’s a good idea to buy for the first time, you need some elements to determine whether it’s ideal or not. One of them is the cost price. Of course, the market price varies and can be very misleading. Second, the better the location, the more profit opportunities there are.

Price of the hotel

Hotel for sale in Panama, located in del Toro, consisting of eight luxurious rooms furnished with breathtaking ocean views from all the windows of the room, a restaurant facing the sea to enjoy a view such as dolphins play while they eat. You are only thirty minutes from the capital. You also get an ocean view apartment with an extra house. The sale price is $ 1,200,000. It’s a good price to start a good business.

Hotel for sale in Dominican Republic This hotel is located in Sosua, directly on the beach, just ten minutes from Puerto Plata International Airport. You have a restaurant with ninety-one rooms, two bars, a beautiful terrace with a pool on the terrace and beautiful chairs with umbrellas. The sale price of this romantic and tranquil getaway is $ 4,900,000.

Motel price

Motel for sale located in Barton-Orleans. The resort has 17 rooms, built in the 1930s, with seven motel rooms and ten cabins located on the banks of the river. It is a quiet place where the cabins have been renovated and five of them now have a kitchen. Extras now include TV with gas barbecues and an 18×40 pool nearby, while kids have a fenced playground along the Barton River. There is also a picnic area.
The selling price is $ 450,000.

Motel for sale located in Texas, USA. UU., Barely eight years old, was built in 1998 as an inn to sleep, the rooms are quite big and you can choose between double and extra-large. With forty two rooms, it really has a good size to install. There is also an outdoor pool on site.
Income per room for 2003 was $ 546,941.00 and 2004 income was $ 538,832. Then we have the 2005 income of $ 540,000.

Be sure to review before you commit to buying a commercial property.
Watch the competition around and make sure you can make a living.

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