Choice Hotels – Unique Settings for the Italy Traveller

Each region and major city of Italy has some unique hotels and an environment that will delight tourists.

Many hotels are close to restaurants or shops. Some are known for their quaint designs and those they encounter. Below you will find some fantastic hotels, as well as descriptions of their special features, designed to help the traveler in search of something that does not belong to the ordinary.

Luxury blow and cowardly Italian Alps.

La Perla Corvara, Italy

South Tyrol’s country house, La Perla, is located high up in the Dolomites and Is and Corvara, an alpine village near the Swiss border. The inn has traditional rooms with wooden furniture, decorative headboards and patterned fabrics. The hotel looks like typical accommodation, with a dining room that has all the wooden panels and wooden ceilings. The walls are lined with bottles of wine. There is also a museum of unused bikes and the resort where you can see old bicycles! The complex is just over 100 miles from Venice.

Guests at La Perla have enjoyed the daring view of Dolomite activities, snowshoeing, skiing and hiking.

In hot weather. There are Turkish baths, Jacuzzi and saunas, and an indoor and outdoor pool. It is a fun and relaxing place to rest during your visit to Italy.

Vigilius Mountain Resort South Tyrol, Italy

This resort is located on the top of a mountain and South Tyrol, as well as the Alps, near the border between Italy and Austria. Do not you want to climb the mountain? You will not have to do this, or you will only be able to access this resort by phone, at 1500 meters.

The hotel is located in a modern environment with lots of raw wood. If you want remote control, this is the place to be.

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria Sorrento, Italy

This hotel is perched on a cliff overlooking the port of Sorrento. The hotel and the reality consists of three villas, each built and nineteenth century. The hotel has been restored but retains the original design. The elegant frescoes and ceilings of certain suites and furnishings give the hotel its unique beauty.

There are two restaurants. One is a traditional dining room with an elegant 19th century style. The other is a restaurant with a beautiful view of the harbor. During the summer and summer months, you can dine by candlelight and on the terrace of Vittoria while a small orchestra plays music. The hotel is located in its own elevator, which allows guests to reach the port. The boats can also be rented here.

San Pietro Positano Positano, Italy

It is a hotel where you can find a long way to a cliff. The view of the sea can be exploited to the maximum in every room and on the terrace, and in the hotel alone. Each room has a private terrace. It’s for a very relaxed and calm holiday.

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