Best London Hotels For Business

Business travelers in London often have an exact range of needs.

A website is one of the most important factors because your time is usually at a premium when you are on a business trip. In general, it is important that everyone works properly to ensure that your business trip is beneficial.

We have the following smaller reviews to share the best business hotels in London in three parts, whichever city area you want to go and the budget you have.

The best hotel for business in the West End

Hilton Metropole is a great business choice for various reasons. It is located in the city center as it is close to Edgware Road and is easily accessible by bus, train or taxi.

It’s a place that almost everyone in London knows, so you can often arrange a meeting spontaneously. I am very happy to meet with the hotel’s large lobby, where the service is handled without paying attention to your privacy.

The hotel has enough capacity to accommodate the meeting. The quality of the rooms and the service is good and the hotel is considered one of the best hiltons in London (although not number 1 according to guest reviews). It is also close to Little Venice cars.

Hotel Indigo is close to another solid hotel if you are visiting London for business. The business traveler is again marked by a recent review of TripAdvisor.

The same goes for Montague in the Garden Hotel in the Bloomsbury Box (near the British Museum and the University of London): It is one of London’s most rated mid-price hotels.

Best business hotels in town

The Canary Wharf Hilton is one of the best hiltons in London if you believe in independent guest reviews.

It is modern and more convenient if you want to go to London City Airport and anyone who does business in the heart of London’s economy.

Hotel Andaz (formerly Hotel Great Hotel) is close to the city – a hotel recognized with modern design, free Wi-Fi and a wide range of restaurants. When you come to Andaz, you will not get a reception – instead, the staff will personally greet you and serve as a “host” to ensure that the opportunity is set.

The hotel is well-organized for business and has plenty of meeting rooms as well as a 24-hour business center. The hotel feels that there is a lovely hip and the art exhibited next to the lobby and many parties are then arranged.

It has a great location in the eastern center but it is still great to walk to the West End.

The smokers say that the best room in Andaz is the corner rooms (eg, Rooms 374 and 474), which are likely to be larger.

Finally, the City of London Apex Hotel is also home to high prices on TripAdvisor and a very good hotel for business and leisure artists.

Apex Hotels (the parent company of this hotel) is a former winner of BDRC’s “meeting point” survey (based on customer feedback) on the travel industry and travel incentive prices.

Best budget hotels for business

You can get great value from budget budget hotels like Travelodge and Premier Inn and even the hotels are the price.

They are scattered throughout London and offer a great choice, especially when considering their room rates very low.

There are a few hotels from Travelodge that have guest ratings such as Southwark and Tower Bridge hotels, and also the Premier Inn in the Western London Eye.

These are very good if you have your own business and spend your own money. But you will be warned to charge them for internet access, which can sometimes increase.

Travelodge has a Business Account Card that makes life easier for businesses: It gives you access to free credit, dedicated account management and a loyalty scheme. Unfortunately, however, at Travelodge you have to pay for Wi-Fi internet access – but you can get an updated list of hotels in London with free WiFi on the London Hotels Insight blog.

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